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Sustainable products

Besides distributing sustainable raw materials, Morssinkhof – Rymoplast is a supplier of sustainable customer products. These products consist of sustainable raw materials which serves as an example for sustainable applications.

LDPE bags

LDPE bags

Rymoplast Polska Sp. zo.o. owns several film blowing- and convection lines, and is specialized in the production of LDPE bags from high-quality regranulates. A development within this specialism is the creation of a refuse bag named: ROMY-bag. Another example is the brand POWERSTERKO, which has been created in collaboration with Van der Windt Verpakkingen. Morssinkhof – Rymoplast contributes to a more circular economy with this new generation of refuse bags.
Several refuse- and collection bags on rolls are produced using high-quality LDPE regranulates as raw material. This is done through co-extrusion (3 layers) to guarantee optimal strength of the product:

- Open/flushtopbags 60 – 400 liter content
- Pull strap bags 35 – 120 liter content
- Wavetop bags 20 – 120 liter content

The bags can be delivered in multiple colors: black, grey, blue, green or white. If it is desired, the inside color can be different than the color on the outside.

Providing the bags with a print is also a possibility.

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Industrial yarns from (food-grade) rPET

rPET Yarn

In our production plant in Emmen, rPET yarns are being produced. These yarns are suitable for the production of products such as nets, carpets and seat belts.

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Preforms out of 100% MOPET A

MOPET preforms

MOPET-A is a food approved rPET from Morssinkhof – Rymoplast. It is a high-quality product which is well known in the market of food contact packaging, such as PET bottles. The product portfolio is extended with preform production, to further integrate the supply chain and to acquire logistical advantages. The goal is closing chains, what can be defined as the process of recycling bottles which are acquired in the Netherlands into food approved regranulates. These regranulates will be used to create new preforms.