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The product category Rigids consists of three types of polymer: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Polypropylene (PP), and polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Extrusion – Injection Moulding – Blow moulding


Morssinkhof - Rymoplast supplies homogeneous regrinds, tailor made blends and regranulates produced on customer specification for injection moulding and extrusion applications. Morssinkhof - Rymoplast is supplier of recycled raw materials for the production of crates, pallets, pipes and plates for many years. Through a combination of inventiveness, shared knowledge with our partners and thorough research we are even able to produce rHDPE for the production of HDPE crates which are suitable for the food contact industry. Besides the applications mentioned above, Morssinkhof – Rymoplast produces rHDPE blow moulding regranulates, known as MOTHYLENE, from well sorted household’ products and packaging.

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Injection Moulding


Morssinkhof - Rymoplast supplies regrinds and regranulates, with the name MOPRYLENE®, specified on colour, MFI, stiffness and impact resistance. Some of the regrinds and compounds are even suitable for the production of food contact packaging. By using intensive homogenization and the most modern compounding technologies, we understand the art of producing a consistent quality. Morssinkhof - Rymoplast even gives you the opportunity to choose regranulates created from post-industrial materials, as well as regranulates which are completely made from post-consumer polypropylene.

Injection Moulding


Morssinkhof – Rymoplast has been a major player in the field of recycling for years and is known for the production of MOPET, a rPET suitable for creating food contact packaging. Carefully selected materials are necessary to produce food approved rPETs. Collecting systems in Europe in which you receive a deposit value in return are the primary source of delivering these materials. Food grade rPET can only be produced backed up by a solid collection- and sorting system complying to the European law and regulations.

With the product MOPET, Morssinkhof - Rymoplast offers the standard in Food Approved, bottle grade rPET in Europe. MOPET-A, MOPET-Clear and MOPET-Green can be used at 100% for the production of clear, transparent food contact packaging: preforms, bottles and sheet. MOPET meets the stringent European regulations and is approved by several leading producers of soft drinks and mineral waters. With MOPET you can realize a significant reduction of the carbon footprint of your products and company, without making a trade-off to quality.

Morssinkhof - Rymoplast also produces post-consumer PET flakes and provides her customers with post-industrial PET regrinds. Last but not least, by using a unique combination of compounding and Solid State Post condensation, Morssinkhof - Rymoplast produces PET compounds that fit your requirements for colour and viscosity.

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